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Loss Prevention Activity

We do believe that a P&I Correspondent should provide Shipowners with protection they require to conduct their business in the most secure and efficient way possible. Thus, our P&I Department have got the extensive experience in loss prevention. We have identified the clear need for providing our clients with preliminary background information that gives them the opportunity to decide what steps should be taken for the efficient protection of their interests at a particular port. The situation at all Russian Black Sea ports is carefully monitored by us; we provide our clients with the comprehensive information about loading and discharging of a particular cargo. We have devoted much time to precise exploration of the customs of the cargo handling operations at these ports, disclosed hidden problems and weak points which were the root source of potential problems and found the ways of their settlement. Study of the situation allows us to prevent the problems before they appear. In view of the market changes, we are going to continue the research actions in order to keep the Clubs in the picture of up-to-date situation in the ports in order to help them to avoid any unexpected problems. In case of need we can provide the Clubs and Shipowners with the detailed information concerning the following cargoes:


  • various steel products (finished, semi-finished and unfinished steel products);
  • grain cargoes;
  • fertilisers (in bags and in bulk);
  • liquid cargoes (UAN solution, fuel oil, diesel oil, vegetable oil);
  • pig iron, pellets, DRI, scrap;
  • non-ferrous cargoes (zinc, lead, copper, aluminium);
  • equipment;
  • containers.


  • steel cargoes;
  • sugar in bulk;
  • fruits and vegetables;
  • meat;
  • bagged rice.
  • ore concentrates;
  • equipment.

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