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P&I Department

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The personnel working in P&I Department provides accidents investigation and claims handling at a high level of defence with efficient protection of our clients’ interests. The team of the P&I Department is able to provide any of the following services that have already become the areas of our expertise:
  • Investigating the circumstances led to the collisions, damage to FFO, fire, flooding, grounding.
  • Investigating pollution incidents, participating in clean-up operations.
  • Settling all kinds of problems with local Authorities, providing Clubs’ LOU in order to avoid detention of vessels in a port.
  • Handling cargo damage and contamination claims, charterparty disputes.
  • Giving consultancy and advice on the defence of a claim and its possible development.
  • Investigating the circumstances of vessels’ detention.
  • Handling demurrage claims.
  • Protecting ships’ interests in case of violating the Customs regulations.
  • Representing Owners’ interests in the course of the Custom’s investigation and in the Court.
  • Handling crew compensation cases and personal injury/death cases.
  • Handling stowaways’ cases.
  • Repatriation.
  • Preparing crew statements
  • Collecting all necessary evidences, documents, and information.
  • Checking repair specifications, reviewing and settling repair accounts.
  • Handling cargo liability claims.
  • Giving various technical recommendations.
  • Handling FD&D matters.
  • Conducting negotiations in case of disputes with cargo shippers, carriers and owners.
Over the years, the results of many of the abovementioned typical investigations and negotiations have been assisting the Clubs, Shipowners and our other clients in sensible reducing of the claims amount and/or even in total rejection of the claims.

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